Story number 3 for 2 Jan 2001

By January 2, 2001

80-percent of the population of Oktupo, Nigeria is said to be infected with the HIV virus, earning the dubious reputation of being the “AIDS Capitol.” As more people come face to face with their mortality in this area, Gospel Revival Ministries is offering hope. John Musser explains. “We had heard that Oktupo had been declared an AIDS disaster zone by the Nigerian government. So, we had this four-day campaign, “To Oktupo, with love”, and we took vitamins, minerals, things like this, to help the people. We built a church just before we came in, and the crusade was so blessed by God. Thousands of people came to the Lord.” Musser says as the virus death toll rises, believers can pray for missions work. “We saw spiritual awakening take place in our crusade, and we just got a report the other day that many of the churches are filled to capacity as a result of the crusade. So, we want to hit the iron while it’s hot, we want get these vitamins in there, but we want to get the Word of God in there, and tracts.”

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