Story number 2 for 20 Dec 2001

By December 20, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Meanwhile, as a new leader takes over in Afghanistan, relief agencies are continuing to help the needy. Afghanistan has been decimated with three years of drought and now war, and many people are sick and hungry. Northwest Medical Teams’ Bass Van Anderzalm is asking for medical professionals to consider getting involved and helping this predominately Muslim people group. “We are hoping to be able to send physicians, nurses, paramedics who will be able to go for a three or four week period in the next six months.” Northwest Medical Teams is partnering with Food for the Hungry and World Concern in this effort. Van Anderzalm says while helping physically is their mission now, that could change in the months ahead. “We are an embodiment at a point of real crisis of the love of Christ. And, we believe that doing this now will gain us opportunities at a point in the future to be able to share more clearly the faith that directs us there.”

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