Story number 1 for 20 Dec 2001

By December 20, 2001

(India)–Headlining today’s news the renouncing of Hinduism by the Dalits last month is proving to be the start of incredible outreach opportunities in India. Bibles for the World’s John Pudaite attended the untouchable rally last month. Pudaite says this could be just the beginning of a great harvest. “We kind of likened it to, what we know in U-S history, was the shot heard around the world. That shot marked the beginning of the American Revolution. And, likewise we’re talking about this, The Rally heard around the world on November 4th. This marks the beginning of a major revolution in these people’s struggle from freedom from the caste system. We want to be able to be there to show them the only true way to freedom is through Jesus Christ.” According to Pudaite as a result of the rally, thousands are asking Bibles for the World for Bibles. “Over a half a million New Testaments have been requested and well as hundreds of the thousands of copies of the Gospels of John for evangelism work. We’re seeing the people are tremendously open.” Two-million dollars is needed to fill the requests.

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