Story number 2 for 20 Feb 2001

By February 20, 2001

(India)–Next, in our follow-up story to Bible Pathway Ministries’ work in India, there is encouraging news. With damage estimates from the January 26th earthquake topping four billion dollars, those hardest hit are usually Gujarat’s orphans. In response, Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says they began helping Dr. M.A. Thomas’ group, HopeGivers. “They are known to be a Christian ministry and yet, they’re being asked to take in orphans from that area. To take in even a few thousand more orphans is overwhelming. There are days that they don’t have food for the orphans, and they just declare a fast day.” Hawkins says the Lord also opened a door in a most unusual way. “Dr. Thomas has received the most prestigious award that the government gives. It has never been given to a Christian. Even Mother Theresa, for all of her wonderful years of work there, never received it. So, it’s going to bring a lot of light on the Christian outreach there.”

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