Story number 2 for 2003-08-19

By August 19, 2003

(India)–Meanwhile, anti-Christian sentiment rises with the growing Hindu nationalist movement in northern India. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohanon describes the obstacles believers face in areas like Himachal Pradesh State. “Just the other day, what we have is our leader there reporting that one of our students in our Bible school, went for outreach, and he was beaten up and abused without any mercy, and they destroyed his tracts, his booklets, and threatened to kill him if he ever came back to that place again. This is something that continues to increase and all we can do is to pray and continue to encourage our brothers which we do. We send them out saying that ‘you know, what Jesus promised is persecution and opposition. Be courageous and be willing to lay down their life for the Lord.” GFA has established 36 Churches and 80 mission stations in Himachal Pradesh. Pray for those involved in outreach through this area.

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