Story number 2 for 21 Mar 2000

By March 21, 2000

Next, a Muslim rebel offensive in the southern Philippines has been squelched by government troops, but the uprising has missionary groups on alert. Kermit Karlberg is the Philippines field director for World Team. Karlberg, who’s on furlough and staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says they’re cautiously moving forward. “We do have to be careful. And, just be sensitive to our type of ministry and also to the environment and what’s going on around us. There have been instances in the past because of fighting or skirmishes that we had to have our workers leave an area.” Karlberg says despite the Muslim dominance in the region, people are reading scripture. “They are understandably very religious and open to the scriptures and to studying the Bible. They are very respectful of the scriptures and of worshiping God so they are also interested in what the scriptures have to say.” Karlberg hopes that interest will lead many to Christ.

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