Story number 3 for 21 Mar 2000

By March 21, 2000

Food For The Poor and the Jamaican government last week announced a major land donation to help house the poor. The ministry gave of all the land needed by FFP to build two-thousand homes for the island’s poor. FFP’s Nick Adams. “It’s quite exciting and pretty amazing when you think about it because it’s quite a big parcel of land we’re talking about in different areas. We’re excited that it worked out with the government and allows us to move ahead again in this project.” Officials pledged to build a new infrastructure for the new communities. Adams says this project is an answer to prayer. “We go into these areas and try to make change and work with the people there through the churches, so we’re developing a link. We feel that, in a sense, we’re bringing the people in these communities back to God. I feel like God has opened so many doors for us over this past year. It’s amazing to see how many opportunities we’ve been given. I just feel like everyone has joined together in this great effort to help the poor in these countries, especially Jamaica for this project.”

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