Story number 2 for 21 Mar 2001

By March 21, 2001

(Sudan)–Meanwhile, an evangelical human rights group has just completed a successful crisis relief trip into South Sudan. International Christian Concern’s Vice President Pat Bradley was there. He says relief shipments are decreasing and lives are in danger. “Last year there was a record number of aid agencies had been attacked. The amount of aid going into Southern Sudan is decreasing substantially. And, there’s a prediction that over a million people are at risk of suffering famine and starvation in the coming months because of the draught situation and the lack of aid getting in.” Bradley says funding is needed to send in more aid. However, he says that’s not the only reason. They want to share the Gospel. “We’ve actually been able to preach and pray with the Southern Sudanese Army. We pray for the sick and injured people – laying hands on them. We were actually in a church in one of the villages so we were able to encourage and preach to the people there.”

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