Story number 2 for 21 Sep 2000

By September 21, 2000

Next, millions of young people gathered at their school’s flag pole for “See You at the Pole”. The theme for the 10th annual event was “A Generation Seeking God”. More than 56-thousand campuses participated in the event organized to gather Christians together and pray for their country, their school and more. These two students in West Michigan told us why they participated. “To pray just about anything because that way you can meet like some other Christians. It just helps, I think. Just to pray for our school and so we can be examples to our school.” Junior Andy Anderson says evangelism was one of the focuses of their prayer time. He believes his generation will be key in seeing the Great Commission completed. “We’re seeking the world. We’re gonna go out and preach the Gospel to all nations, but first of all I got to say it starts in our home, actually, then it starts in our school and with our friends. And, so yeah, I believe as a generation we’re going to spread it like wildfire.”

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