Story number 2 for 21 Sep 2001

By September 21, 2001

(USA)–Next, despite the tragedy in New York and Washington D-C, a special evangelistic ministry will go on as scheduled. “BeachFest”, with Luis Palau , will begin in Santa Cruz tomorrow, featuring music and evangelistic outreach. There was some question as to whether or not Palau would be able to attend because President Bush requested his presence just before his speech to the joint session of Congress. “To our surprise, the White House called and asked if we could immediately come over. Some of the better known evangelicals were there. He said, “We’re hoping with all the prayers, [that it] will bring a spiritual renewal to America.” So, there are great believers in the White House who really love the Lord Jesus Christ.” However, Palau will be in California and is expecting many to hear the Gospel. “I’m going to be talking more seriously about the subject of eternity. This has brought deep, deep questions about justice and revenge about forgiveness and love, about differences. And, I pray very much that the beach will be jammed with people.” DC Talk, Kirk Franklin, Skillet and others will join Palau.

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