Story number 1 for 20 Sep 2001

By September 20, 2001

(USA)–We begin today in the United States where Christian radio is reaching out to many who are struggling after last week’s terror attacks. Back to the Bible’s Woodrow Kroll says Christians in the U-S have a unique opportunity to witness. “Never have we had this kind of tragedy occur as a single event. It gets people thinking about spiritual things. There is no better time for evangelism when people are beginning to ask the eternal questions. ‘What would happen to me if I were in that building? Where would I be now?’ This is a great time for us to be salt and light in a world.” According to Kroll, their web site, BackToTheBible-dot-org, is also providing Christians a Biblical response to terrorism. “I wanted to talk about why God allows suffering. What the Christian response should be to terrorism in America. We’ve not lived in a country where this was in our backyard. I thought we needed to know what the Bible says we should respond.”

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