Story number 3 for 20 Sep 2001

By September 20, 2001

(USA)–The 12th annual “See You At The Pole” prayer rally saw a shift in not only in who participated, but also in what the concerns were. The meeting comes a little over a week after devastating terrorist attacks in United States. Kibichii Chelilin (KIH-bih-chee cheh-LEHL-in), an 11th grade student, says the rally was a chance for him to show solidarity in his faith. “I’m here to represent Christ-’cause when people come into school and they see me praying up there, they know that I’m praying to somebody who I believe is real, so they know that I’m a Christian. A lot of us are going to be praying about the families and the tragedies and how God’s going to use this.” Senior John Danior says this year, hearts are more open than ever to the Gospel. “People will come because we’re looking for something to settle our conscience in time of trial. I think we may even have non-Christians participating, seeing what Christianity is about.” There were also reports of participants joining the event in countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines and Swaziland.

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