Story number 2 for 22 Jun 2000

By June 22, 2000

Next, Venezuelans are demanding that their government speed up stalled reconstruction efforts. In December, intense rains sent mud avalanches into northern coastal towns along the Caribbean Sea, destroying the area and killing thousands. Evangelical Free Church Mission’s Clyde Porter tells us how they’re responding. “We are partnering with World Vision and TEAM, Evangelical Alliance Mission, to build where most of our people from one of churches that was destroyed have relocated; so, we’re in the process of hopefully getting under construction before the first of July. Along the coast, we have been working with the three remaining churches trying to help provide daily needs.” Porter says the people also became conscious of their spiritual need. “People were well aware that the evangelical church was responding to the needs and so, this gave us an opportunity to also explain the reason that the mission was in Venezuela. Pray that we’re wise on using what we have and that the Lord will be glorified in everything we do.”

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