Story number 2 for 23 Feb 2000

By February 23, 2000

Next, African leaders and European ministers are pushing for an end to the war in Burundi, but the main armed rebel groups failed to turn up. In the rebels’ absence, few expect the gathering to bring peace significantly closer. International Bible Society’s Simeon Havyarimana (hav-yaree-MAHN-uh)says the change will have to come from within the country’s borders. “I believe that problems will be solved as all the groups come together. This peace talk, I think, the problems will be solved by Burundians themselves. I don’t think an outsider person, other than being a mediator, has the power to stop the problems.” Havyarimana says despite the fighting, the Gospel has gone out. However, during the next stages of peace, they need prayer support. “Ask the people around the world to pray for Burundi because we are part of the body of Christ as Christians all over, so if one group suffers, you feel affected in the same way because we have been created by God. So, as they think of us, we just know that we have friends overseas–also, pray for us.”

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