Story number 2 for 23 Feb 2001

By February 23, 2001

(Haiti)–We turn next to Haiti, where the country’s prime minister-designate is asking for help from the international community. Haitian officials say the international community is deserting them at a time when the country needs it the most. For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says most people don’t know the conditions. “The situation is really desperate in Haiti right now. The biggest business down there right now is the casket business and most of those caskets are childrens’. Starvation is rampant. Pray that the new government will have a heart for people and start doing something for the poor people.” DeHart is asking people to pray about getting involved, adding that: “It’s worse than it has ever been. Anyone that has ever been to Haiti, if they haven’t been there in the last couple of months, [they] still don’t know how poor ‘poor’ really is.” For Haiti shows the people God’s love and is well-respected reputation in the area. However, their 33-year old ministry is now in jeopardy in the area.

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