Story number 2 for 23 Jan 2001

By January 23, 2001

(Sudan)–Next, the Sudanese government says thousands of civilians fled from the Nuba Mountains after fierce fighting last week. The government has been bombing the area since late last month, in some cases targeting Christians. SIM’s Barbara Harper works with the refugees who have fled to neighboring Ethiopia. She shared this insight about the persecuted church in the area. “There’s been great discrimination against the Southerners, and also against the Northerners who aren’t part of the [ruling] political party. They’ve really tried to eliminate the Nuba Mountain people. Because the Uduks were having a witness into Muslim territory.” Harper adds that despite the troubles, there is still a lot of hope among the Sudanese believers. “It’s been such a blessing to hear the testimonies of the Uduk people who have been through so much, seen deaths, starvation, and having to sleep in the midst of swamps, and yet, they always end up by saying, “But God was with us and brought us through it all.” Many did die on the way, but they’re still grateful to the Lord and praising Him.””

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