Story number 2 for 24 Apr 2000

By April 24, 2000

Next, an international Bible-teaching ministry, has announced plans to relocate its U.S. headquarters from California to Dallas, Texas. The move comes in part because of Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s work with the Dallas Theological Seminary and the church he pastors. Insight for Living’s Curt Swindoll. “The intent is to develop some pretty strong alliances between the seminary and the church and Insight for Living, and to kind of work cooperatively at this whole idea of expanding the ministry and even the educational work that we want to see happen to the international regions where we’re currently just broadcasting.” Swindoll says due to the magnitude of the move, there are many prayer needs. “The first prayer would be the whole staffing issue. The majority of our staff is not planning to relocate to the Dallas area, and so we’ve got a lot of hiring that will need to happen. The other area of prayer would be for the fundraising need to raise dollars not only for the move but for future ministry expansion.”

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