Story number 2 for 24 Jan 2002

By January 24, 2002

(Philippines)–Elsewhere, the Philippine’s highest security body has backed the decision to accept U.S. help in fighting the Abu Sayyaf. However, Filipino troops and rebels reportedly clashed just one week ahead of U.S. training in the country’s south. SEND International’s Phillip Burns says the unrest hasn’t directly affected them, but it has made them very careful. “No direct threats. Just security, meaning that there are groups like Abu Sayyaf that operate. If you are in any places that that might be in Abu Sayyaf territory, security is of the utmost concern.” Burns says their work has continued unhindered. However, there is always a need for prayer. “The greatest obstacle in our ministry right now? Recruitment. We are finding that it is difficult to find people that are interested in long-term ministry. What we need to do is find ways to convert people that have short-term interests into long-term workers.”

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