Story number 2 for 24 Jul 2001

By July 24, 2001

(International)–Meanwhile, international leaders of industrial countries have agreed to create a new global fund to combat AIDS. What this means is that the world’s richest nations are beginning to hear and respond to needs of the poorest countries. He Intends Victory’s Bruce Sonnenberg says the timing is right for such a move. “As India becomes more like Africa, so does Southeast Asia. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are being terribly affected by this. On the other hand, a country like Uganda has really made a turnaround. They’ve done that through education, communication; they’ve done it through the church really finally starting to take a stand.” Sonnenberg says the AIDS virus actually has opened the door for the Gospel. “If the church would just see this an opportunity to share the hope of Jesus-as a mission field-what a difference it makes. There is no cure for hopelessness that the world offers, but there is a cure for hopelessness in that Jesus Christ is our hope.”

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