Story number 2 for 27 Feb 2001

By February 27, 2001

(Thailand)–Next, a special program from Medical Ambassadors International is opening doors for evangelism in Thailand. MAI’s Dave Walton just returned from that country where Medical Ambassadors has started a Community Health Evangelism program. Walton says local Christian leaders are finding this program helpful. “They’ve seen the flexibility using Community Health Evangelism in an existing program. And, so they’ve taken on the community health evangelism as part of their strategy in working with unreached people groups and some of the tribal groups. And, just to support the work they already have on-going.” Walton says as they help in agriculture, health education, and economic development, they’re sharing stories. “Stories from the Bible and they’re very open to that. And, be it various tribal groups, Animistic, Muslim, or whoever, they’re open to hearing stories. It’s the stories that we remember.”

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