Story number 3 for 27 Feb 2001

By February 27, 2001

(Mexico)–Officials with Worldwide Christian Schools are looking for volunteers to help open a Mexican Christian school along the Mexican-US border. Worldwide’s Dale Dieleman says the school is being developed in the city of Augua Prieta (ahg-wah pree EH-tah). “We’re looking for people, perhaps a couple, who is fluent in Spanish or maybe an individual who’s retired, but would like to commit to even a month or two, to go and help the local committee really organize from a grassroots perspective.” According to Dieleman says this is a grassroots effort that lacks educational leadership. He says this has great potential to lead many people to Christ. “It’s to provide a Christian perspective on the world. At the same time present Christ in the person of the teachers and administrators. And, also then, because it’s on the church property (it) will bring families into that community.”

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