Story number 2 for 27 Feb 2002

By February 27, 2002

(Russia)–Next, another restrictive religion law is being proposed in Russia. Deputy Chairman of the Duma’s Committee for Public Associations Alexander Chuyev is proposing a law that would categorize religion based on the country’s traditions. Russian Ministries’ George Law describes the objective. “To segregate all of Russian society and those that are religious into four categories. And, his idea is very simple, it’s that the Russian government should have a relationship that’s more appropriate depending on what category of religion you happen to be a part of.” According to reports, it’s not clear what kind of support the legislation has, but Law believes: “It is not being taken very seriously by members of the Duma. They feel that this is such a blatant reversal of the constitution and has very, very little probability of passing.” Law is asking people to pray that that sentiment continues.

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