Story number 2 for 27 Mar 2001

By March 27, 2001

(Sudan)–Meanwhile, humanitarian aid efforts in South Sudan are providing opportunities to share the Gospel. World Concern’s Africa Director, Tom LePage, says many areas in Sudan are facing food shortages because of drought and inadequate amounts of relief aid. LePage says God is working in some of these areas. “In the Upper Nile, we’re seeing the church grow a great deal, but there is a drought. There is food shortage. There’s also a very acute shortage of clean water. Our work has focused on drilling wells, protecting springs.” According to LePage, it’s very easy to share the Gospel with those they’re working with. “There’s been a very strong tie from the physical work to the proclamation. Our work there also goes hand in hand with the local churches. In South Sudan we don’t have as many hindrances to sharing the Gospel. It’s a bit more open and overt.”

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