Story number 2 for 28 Dec 2000

By December 28, 2000

We turn next to Mongolia, where the links between Mongolia and China and Communism were enough to cause Christians some apprehension. Communism has traditionally been hostile to evangelistic outreach, however,
Far East Broadcasting Company’s Jim Bowman says that’s the irony. “Here we have the People’s Republic of Mongolia, which is currently dominated by Communists, and yet, the opportunity for radio stations there is still open. We have acquired a license, we’re in the testing stage right now, we’re right in the city of UlaanBaatar.” Bowman says that there’s proof the Gospel is taking hold. “Probably no more than ten years ago, there would have been a handful of Christians. Today, [there are] somewhere between ten and twenty thousand, given the fact that the population in Mongolia is only about three million, that’s an incredible advance of the Gospel in that country. We have to see that throughout the world today, where the trouble spots are, is often where the greatest opportunities are.”

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