Story number 2 for 29 Feb 2000

By February 29, 2000

Next, the field of medical missions is ‘booming’-that is to say, it would be, if there were enough missions doctors available. According to Dr. Ken Jones, a 20-year veteran on the field, the need for workers outweighs the numbers available. Jones says medical missions is critical in many places in order to begin ministry. And that is where the problem lies. “I think one of the big problems is getting missionary doctors is getting increasingly difficult. In this country, many people, when they finish medical school, have large debts and it seems once they get established, it’s just very hard because I think, of the advances here and the slow advances overseas to get people willing to go there.” Jones says fortunately, the field is changing because of: “I think short term missions has been a great help. I know several young people that went out during their medical school or nursing training, saw the filed, and did go back as career missionaries.” Jones is staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida until he is dispatched as needed

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