Story number 2 for 29 May 2002

By May 29, 2002

(Nepal)–Elsewhere, Nepal’s revolt has become increasingly violent since last year. This past weekend’s skirmish against Maoist rebels comes on the heels of an extended state of emergency. While the government struggles to regain control of the country, there are some who are turning elsewhere for peace. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannan says they’ve seen a real openness lately. “We are just putting more priority now on the radio broadcast in the Nepali language, knowing that all the sum of our missionaries cannot travel freely. Yet, we are able to share the Gospel through this medium.” Yohannan asks Christians to uphold the struggles of believers in Nepal. “We need to pray that the church in Nepal will remain alert and pray much, and be willing to stand in the gap. Pray that the missionaries, the servants of God, will be given wisdom and anointing and boldness to share the Gospel.”

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