Story number 3 for 29 May 2002

By May 29, 2002

(International)–Children at risk will be the focus of a worldwide day of prayer coming up this weekend. The Viva Network, in partnership with several other mission organizations, have set aside June 1st as the Worldwide Day of Prayer for Children at Risk. Latin America Mission is supporting the event. LAM’s Bill Gibson says poverty forces children into “at risk” behavior. “Once you get the poverty kicked in there, you have every kind of exploitation and cruel thing happening to kids and they have no way out. If the adults, if the governments aren’t taking care of them, who’s going to watch out for them? I think God is. I think the church is called to do that and I think that’s why we need to pray.” Gibson believes prayer is the only thing that will help these children. “LAM has many missionaries working with kids at risk in Central and South America. And, we know that when we pray for kids at risk, we pray for ministries like that. I mean, humanly speaking, there’s only so much you can do. If God doesn’t get a hold of the lives of these kids they’re just going to continue on the path that they’re on.”

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