Story number 2 for 3 Feb 2003

By February 3, 2003

(Indonesia) — Meanwhile, an evangelical missionary organization is planning to expand into Indonesia despite the unrest there. The Director of White Fields’ Stephen Lonetti says the need dictates that they go there. “I had the opportunity to do foot surveys in Eastern Indonesia and discovered that there are just literally hundreds of tribal groups who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But, I don’t think the unrest in the world should detour us from ministering the Gospel to people.” White Field supports indigenous church planters for four years, allowing them to gradually become self-sufficient. Lonetti says support is needed for this new work. “25 to 50 dollars a month commitment would be able to support easily at least one church planter. This is the best bang for your buck. You can’t measure things by the dollar, and yet a lot of churches and a lot of individuals really want to make sure their money is being used to the best of its ability.”

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