Story number 2 for 3 May 2000

By May 3, 2000

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, armed black squatters have seized more than one-thousand white-owned farms and 13 people, mostly opposition supporters, have been killed. However, according to SIM’s Jim Pfiffer, the violence has not had a direct impact on their work. “Our work amongst the Zimbabweans goes on as normal, but we’re all affected by the increased tenseness. We’re just before a time of election in May and some believe that part of this occupation of the farms has a link to the elections.” Pfiffer says there’s real uncertainty about the future of ministry in that country. “Are we going to have a country where we’re going to be able to minister freely? Are we going to have a time where we can come out of this with peace? Because the country’s polarized over this issue it has potential for division amongst Christians. We’re just praying that, that won’t take place.”

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