Story number 2 for 3 May 2001

By May 3, 2001

(USA)–Next, the word ‘marathon’ is connected to endurance and perseverance. It is those factors, combined with purpose that are coming to a head for Bible Pathway Ministries. Pathway’s Reverend Michael Hall tells us what’s behind their twelfth annual Bible Reading Marathon in Washington D.C. “We start on Monday morning at eight o’clock in Genesis 1:1, and on the National Day of Prayer, which is on Thursday, at 4 P.M., we finish reading the last chapter of the Revelation. The purpose is of reading through the Bible is to encourage people to have a daily devotion by reading the Bible and to encourage Christians to read the Bible.” Hall says believers from across denominational lines and different countries are participating in this round the clock reading. He adds that this effort is also being bathed in prayer. “We have to have confidence that God’s word will go forth. If people will, number one pray for us, pray for this country, and pray that there’s a renewed interest in the Word of God, that would be so helpful.”

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