Story number 1 for 3 May 2001

By May 3, 2001

(United Kingdom)–Topping the news, thousands of Christians this week are looking to lift a so-called ban on national religious broadcasting in the United Kingdom. TransWorld Radio’s David Tucker debunks some of the sensationalized approach to the issue. “Local broadcasting can take place. The sadness of the UK is that the church is at a very low ebb. There are very few people who are making creative Christian programs for radio and television. The BBC regularly takes broadcasting from Christians. Even local commercial stations will take good programming that Christians produce. We have lots and lots of opportunity for Christian broadcasting within the UK.” Tucker says TWR has been working in the UK for 40 years now, but prayer is always a needed part of their work. “Pray that the people of the UK would respond to the Gospel. That’s the real problem. The people in the UK, by and large, have turned away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There’s no desire. And, the government, in a sense, is just reflecting that lack of desire amongst the people.”

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