Story number 2 for 3 May 2002

By May 3, 2002

(USA) Next, in the United States, spiritual issues took precedence Thursday, with the conclusion of a Bible Reading Marathon in Washington D.C., and the National Day of Prayer. Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss filed this report from Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Local Christians held their own public Bible reading in the heart of the city. Organizer of this event, Clarence Reyneveld. “We see how the Lord went into the heart of Egypt and He rescued his own people out of the heart of Egypt. It says that several times in the Psalms, and we want to go into the heart of the city, and we want to bring God’s word. It has spiritual and symbolic significance.” As for the National Day of Prayer, the emphasis falls on family and young people. Prayer Zone America’s Jim Hulett. “We’re hoping that this will create at least a starting point of awareness for prayer… especially since Prayer Zone America, along with First Priority of Grand Rapids, is initiating 91 Days of Prayer beginning May 15th and going through September 18th.” For Mission Network News, I’m Ruth Bliss.”

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