Story number 2 for 3 Nov 2000

By November 3, 2000

Meanwhile, there’s growing unrest in the mountain regions of Bolivia, which is causing trouble for evangelical missionaries and relief workers there. Protests by coca producers against a government eradication campaign has resulted in 10 deaths and 165 injuries. World Concern’s Aaron Ausland. “The economic crisis has been hitting us hard in the last two and a half years. We’ve had major blockades from everything from water rights to the coca growers and it’s affecting our work. Just to get out to our work zone we have to walk through barricaded highways. A lot of innocent people have been hurt.” World Concern runs micro enterprise programs for poor women in the region, to help them economically, but also to lead them to Christ. People need to pray. “Pray that people would be open to peace and open to compromise. There has been really inflammatory language. The government is say people should just take up arms and shoot those people or drive over them because they’re hurting the national economy.”

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