Story number 2 for 3 Sep 2002

By September 3, 2002

(Benin)–Next, chiefs, kings and queens on the African continent are taking the Bible to their people. Bibles for the World’s Rochunga Pudaite was able to address a gathering of royalty recently in Benin, West Africa. “I was asked to address (them) on the subject Unity and Peace Among the nations. At the end of the meeting they all asked me, because I quoted the Bible so frequently, that they all wanted a copy of the Bible so, so we got 7,000 Bibles and before I knew it all of the Bibles were taken.” The conference had representatives from 12 nations. Pudaite says many of the participants made additional requests. “And they’re all asking for more Bibles, they said, ‘if we need more Bibles for our area, we can not carry now, can we write to you and get extra copies.’ I told them, ‘that as many as they would want to distribute I would be willing to try to fulfill their request.'” Pray that many will turn to Christ as they read it.

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