Story number 2 for 31 Dec 2001

By December 31, 2001

(Afghanistan) — Next, Christian relief organizations say the situation is stabilizing in Afghanistan. At least that’s the word from World Vision‘s Al Dwyer who’s in the western city of Herat. Dwyer says the calm is allowing them to move forward with assistance. “Right now we’ve just employed almost 300 local people, 250 women. Who, by the way, this is their first job in several years. We’ve done a registration in the city of Herat where we’ve registered almost 72,000 families and we intend to begin distribution in the next couple of days.” According to Dwyer, the Christmas holiday season gave him opportunities to share his faith. “A lot of people came up to me and asked me about Christmas. I think they asked me questions about my faith that they probably couldn’t have asked two months ago. So, there is an interest. We’re showing our Christianity though our activities. I think there are bonds being developed.” Call 1-888-511-6598 if you would like to help feed them physically and spiritually.

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