Story number 2 for 4 Jul 2002

By July 4, 2002

(South Africa)–Elsewhere, the struggles of South Africa have not escaped notice. While the adult population fights for survival, the next generation sees hope for their future leaching away. The Association of Christian Schools International’s Phil Renicks describes the population they’re working to reach in South Africa. “Children who are disenfranchised because of poverty, because of a tremendous blow that AIDS has exacted. We have sensed the responsibility to work with those schools in helping them become excellent schools. We also recognize that there are a lot of kids that are not having their needs met in anyway.” Renicks says they’re challenging other ACSI schools to step in and help the struggling schools. In addition, they’re looking forward to working to improve the children’s futures in South Africa. “They’re so lost without hope, and I think we need to be praying for those kids in particular, and also for the ministries that are out there working to try and bring hope to those kids.”

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