Story number 2 for 4 May 2000

By May 4, 2000

Meanwhile, missionary radio is having a great impact on the house church movement in nearby China. Trans World Radio’s Tim Klingbeil (kling-byl) just returned from a trip to that country where he observed their Radio Church Kit project. “It’s a project where Trans World Radio through various house church networks and others within the country, distributes kits that include shortwave radios, Bibles, and study materials or books that go along with some of the programs that are aired on our broadcasts.” Klingbeil says despite persecution, the work of Trans World Radio is meeting a desperate need for discipleship and training in China. “Some house church leaders we met with in Southern China. These two men were leaders of a house church network that included 30-thousand meeting points. There was probably a million people with in this church network. One of the men told us that about 80-percent of the people in his network listened regularly to Trans World Radio’s programs, to help them keep doctrinally pure in the church in China.”

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