Story number 2 for 4 May 2001

By May 4, 2001

(International)–Next, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has released a “Watch List” for religious persecution. The list names as the world’s “worst violators of religious freedom” countries such as China, Sudan and Afghanistan. Open Doors’ Mike Yoder says, while this list is not the one their organization publishes, the fact that many of the names correspond is significant. “When we report countries that are violators of Christian freedom, and then our U-S State department comes up with very similar findings (and they’re looking at the overall status of religious liberty, country by country), this just adds credibility and momentum towards the type of awareness that we’re continuously trying to raise.” Yoder says this list can be used as a tool. “It’s a little daunting to think about fighting for religious freedom around the whole world. But, if we take the worst three or five or ten countries and try to focus the efforts of advocacy and prayer and other action, at least on a few countries,then we can, in some way, make a difference.”

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