Story number 2 for 4 Sep 2001

By September 4, 2001

(Brazil)–Next, the Latin American Church is growing and vibrant. Christians in Action’s Bob Spencer says he’s excited about the future of the church in Brazil. “There has been a lot of seed sown into Brazil. Brazil is a church that has tremendous potential, and it is now realizing that potential. I would say that Brazil is a totally different church than it was 25 years ago, when I went to Brazil. There’s just been a lot of maturing process, a lot of vision.” Spencer says because there are challenges facing Christians in Brazil, he asks people to pray. “It is a storehouse of missionaries. It’s a storehouse for world evangelism. They have a vision, they do have the potential, they do have the resources. But, I think that the obstacles are in the area of economy. They are going to have to try harder to support their missionaries. They’re going to have to learn as a church what long-range commitment to missionaries can mean.”

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