Story number 2 for 5 Nov 2001

By November 5, 2001

(Afghanistan) — Our next story takes us to Afghanistan. Because no-man’s land stretches over most of the country, very few are able to physically reach the people with hope. Trans World Radio‘s Rich Green says that’s why they’re encouraged by what has been accomplished so far. “We’ve received word from a variety of sources, that our broadcasts are making an impact in the lives of people. They are listening to TWR programs secretly in their cellars.” Green adds that they’re broadcasting the Gospel in many of the languages native to the Afghanis. He asks believers to pray that their work could continue, amidst the roar of the bombshells. “This is a time where we need to continue praying that God would protect the sites of not only Trans World Radio, but also FEBA, that also broadcasts to this region of the world. We are grateful to the Lord that He has kept His hand on this ministry and others so that people can hear the good news of Christ during this very difficult time in Afghanistan.”

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