Story number 2 for 6 Apr 2000

By April 6, 2000

Meanwhile, a clash between NATO peacekeeping troops and Serb civilians in Kosovo has many mission groups on edge. World Hope’s Joel Samy says tensions are increasing. “As the snow thaws and the ice thaws over here. The tensions begin to escalate. So, there’s going to be problem in the days to come. NATO is experiencing that and has even given warning to various American workers and also as Christian workers in this community here. We are certainly taking great precautions in the work in this region.” Samy says Muslim activity is on the increase and prayer for evangelism is needed. “We’re hearing various reports of the Jesus Film being shown. We’re in the process of having God Cares about you Cares booklets for the distribution to Kosovar Albanians. So those types of endeavors are certainly going to make a difference.”

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