Story number 2 for 6 Feb 2002

By February 6, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, Evangelist Luis Palau has been holding Bible studies in the White House. Palau is asking people to pray for U-S government leaders. He says there are many Christians working in high-level positions. While Bible study with Christians has been his focus, non-Christians are asking questions. “This witness of the believers has been very strong and I happen to know that it has led to many conversations — sharing the faith. It doesn’t mean that everybody is knocking on the door and saying telling me how to get to heaven. But, there definitely are many conversations that open up and opportunities to share the Good News.” Palau says there’s a sense of fear since September 11th and that’s why he wants to hold a Christian Festival targeting young people. “This being the seat of government, the potential for attacks is more real in D-C and therefore I think it would be very good, as soon as possible, that we join all the believers together and present the Gospel.”

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