Story number 2 for 6 Jun 2001

By June 6, 2001

(Africa)–Next, in countries with a significant AIDS problem, there are corresponding food production and consumption problems. AIDS affects some 25 million people in Africa, about 70% of the world total, and is now the primary cause of death on the continent. That could lead to further ravages in the next generation. Gospel Revival Ministries is already working in Africa, with an eye cast toward the future. GRM’s John Musser. “We’re working with some of the leading bio-chemists in the United States of America-working on formulation for super-immune boosters and we’re working with a unit that builds up the immune system–it detoxifies the body.” Musser adds that their work is right on target with the forecast from the governments watching the problem. But he says there is one larger purpose. “We’re negotiating with governments that when we come in and introduce certain technologies and super immune boosters, that we want to first of all come, and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are having some exciting results.”

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