Story number 2 for 7 Feb 2000

By February 7, 2000

In other news, a new radio program is battling the influence of voodoo on
Christians in Haiti. Richard Green with Trans World Radio says a joint project with
Thru the Bible will broadcast a five-year Bible program to Christians in the
impoverished country. “Sometimes Christians have blended voodooism with Christian
doctrine. The producer of this special Creole program, tells us that this particular
program will help Christians to put Jesus Christ first in their lives, and to live strictly by
the Bible.” Green says the broadcast will reach Christians and non-Christians alike.
“Radios are very accessible, in some of the most impoverished nations, radio is the
primary way to communicate with people. This is certainly true in Haiti and we want to
be able to minister as much as we can to their spiritual needs.”

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