Story number 2 for 7 Nov 2000

By November 7, 2000

Next, health officials believe the trend of Uganda’s Ebola virus epidemic is stabilizing. The terrible outbreak killed 92 people in less than a month. According to Walk Thru the Bible’s Johnson Ogema, during the peak of the crisis, many people came face to face with their mortality. “It has even made people more receptive to the Gospel because they know anytime, they will die, anyway. So, people are running to the church, not only to hear it [the Gospel], but they are receiving Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. I mean, somehow, it has contributed to the positive reception of the materials.” Ogema says not only are Ugandans responding to the Gospel, but also, a World Teach program was launched in Kenya to meet the spiritual thirst. “The need in Uganda is really severe because 90-percent of our people are not trained; pastors and leaders, that is…and they are so thirsty and hungry for the Word.”

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