Story number 2 for 8 Feb 2000

By February 8, 2000

Meanwhile, Orthodox Hindus are coming to Christ because of a unique Bible
distribution ministry. Bibles for the World’s John Pudaite says they’re sending
Bibles to the Meitei (MAY-tay) people group of India. “The Meiteis are an unreached
people group in northeast India right on the Burma border. They number 1.3 million in
population and they have been orthodox Hindus. Less than one percent of the Meitei
people were Christians.” Bibles for the World is using voter registration list to mail
New Testaments to the Meitei people. To date, they’ve sent out 300-thousand New
Testaments. Pudaite says many are coming to Christ. “Our ministry partners have now
planted 17 churches among this people group in follow up to our Bible mailing. And a
lot of the new Christians are facing persecution from their families. Many of them have
been cast out from their homes.” Pudaite is asking people to pray for strength for these
new believers.

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