Story number 2 for 8 Feb 2002

By February 8, 2002

(Bhutan)–Next, there appears to be more openness to the Gospel in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, however, the government is making it more difficult for Christian witness. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung just returned from the region and gives examples of the oppression. “There was the recent closing of a leprosy mission. It’s was operated by a Christian organizations from Scandinavia. The missionaries were instructed to leave and there have been some instances where church had been identified and Christians, they were sent to various remote areas.” However, DeYoung says that has actually been good for evangelism. “A government that’s hostile to the Gospel in adopting this kind of strategy actually almost becomes a missionary sending arm in the providence of God.” Words of Hope broadcast there in the Dzongkha (ZAHNG-ka) language five nights a week. DeYoung says because there’s limited Dzongkha programming, many are listening.

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