Story number 3 for 8 Feb 2002

By February 8, 2002

(International)–A new partnership is bringing the hope of the Gospel to the world via airwaves. Trans World Radio’s Tom Tatlow says they’re now broadcasting a 15-minute program called ‘Radio Bible’ in five languages. The dramatized format helps listeners through the New Testament and half of the Old Testament. As for the reason it was introduced: “The average church member just couldn’t read or write. We’ve looked at that need and, as we’ve heard from Bible societies and others about their growing vision to provide the Bible in audio format, we’re excited to partner together with them and get involved in not only allowing it to be on tape, but to broadcast it to a much greater audience.” Tatlow adds this was an efficient way to bring the Bible to people. “We’ll use a combination of short wave AM, as well as FM radio stations in the various countries that we’re trying to reach. There’s literally billions of receivers in the greater part of the world used to gain information.”

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