Story number 2 for 8 Jan 2002

By January 8, 2002

(Afghanistan)–Next, Christians continue to help the victims of war and drought in Afghanistan. Operation Blessing International is assisting a small village near Kabul. OBI’s Dick Kohl says it’s not easy getting assistance into this area. “In order for our man to get into Kabul from Islamabad, it’s a very short trip. It takes an hour and a half normally. It took him five hours and he had to be escorted by anti-Taliban forces complete with the machine guns and the anti-tank rockets because people are getting hijacked and held up along the road between Kabul and Islamabad, Pakistan on a regular basis.” Operation Blessing needs eight-thousand dollars a month to help feed refugees. Kohl is asking people to get involved because they are sharing their faith. “If people ask, we share why we’re there. Right now we’re trying to help with the immediate problem and also establish relationships that we’ll be able to use in the future to go back and to continue this kind of work. And, also to have more of an opportunity to share our faith and our beliefs.”

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