Story number 2 for 8 Oct 2002

By October 8, 2002

(Uzbekistan)–Next, the term ‘persecution’ may not an officially recognized one in Central Asia. However, the continual harassment and oppression of Christians by area officials seems to be saying otherwise. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith calls it like he sees it. “We just a heard a report out of Uzbekistan where a meeting was broken up. Persecution is alive and well, but, in the face of that persecution, the believers see all kinds of new opportunities. And we’re excited that the young people, specifically, have not backed away from the Christian faith. In fact, they’ve embraced it even more.” Smith says the fire of evangelism has swept this generation of believers in Central Asia. “It seems like whether we’re on a bus or in the train stations, or in the market, there’s always an opportunity for them to connect with someone [that] they can share the Gospel with. So, we’re seeing a whole new generation of young people that are really willing to step up to the plate and take Christ to the nations.”

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